Drop Your Pride.  Drop Your Drawers!!

This is something I came up with to hopefully convey the importance of having colonoscopy screenings after what happened to me back in 2015.

I had Stage 3 Colon Cancer.  No signs.  No warning.  Nothing.  Not even any polyps when I finally had the scope done (here it comes) on Friday the 13th of March.  They found a tumor hiding in the lining of my large intestine.  


Surgery (here it comes again) on April Fool's Day, with a resection.  6 nodes out of 21 were cancerous.  Scared?  OMG.  Terrified.  Tears.  Fear.  


But nothing showed on any other surrounding organs.  What if I had waited longer?   What if I just kept blowing it off UNTIL I had symptoms?  All this leads to:  Are you putting off something uncomfortable that may very well save your life?!

Men especially (because we're stubborn and don't listen to our wives!!!), drop your drawers and get it done.  It's a cakewalk.  In some cases, the testing has become even easier.  


Knowledge is EMPOWERMENT.  Hey!  If you won't do it for yourself?  Please do it because others love you, need you and depend on you.

My door is open.  Reach out to me if I can be of encouragement to you NOW having gone through this.

Now the GOOD NEWS.  December 2015, a CAT scan and a colonoscopy followup showed no signs of cancer!  I caught it before it had spread (with prayers).

Call and set the appointment.  This is one of the most preventable and treatable cancers when caught early. 

Drop Your Pride.  Drop Your Drawers!!