Why this website?  First of all, in today's world, I think everybody should have their own site.  For business, career, personal sharing for things one may not want on Facebook or LinkedIn and so on.  Face it.  We live in a social media world.

I was profoundly blessed with a vibrant and very open public career on live radio.  You may only know me as "Michaels in the Morning," which is great, but there are a thousand other things I am proud of.

Most people don't give a rip ... lol ... but for those who do (and are still reading) I am starting a project to unveil some of the other things important to me. 

An old example might be what is called "A Bragging Wall."  When you go into someone's office, you're usually going to see a lot of the things that make them happy or proud or feel accomplished.  Nothing wrong with that.  On bad days, it's reassurance.

Of all things I am proud of, the two very most are my two sons who are now adults.  They are strong, industrious, caring, dedicated, loving, intelligent ... and everything else a proud parent would say!   :)

Thanks for visiting!

Christopher Ryan

Erik Richard

Extraordinary co-producer is Kelly